Friday Fashion – Suede Shoes

Okay, so I follow “LiketoKnow.It” on Instagram which is basically a fashion account, BUT when you “like” a picture, it automatically sends you an email with where to purchase the pieces in the picture. Super cool! Well, as I was scanning across Insta the other day, I saw this awesome pair of shoes and just had to like the picture. Turns out, I have some … Continue reading Friday Fashion – Suede Shoes

Friday Fashion – The Classic Button Up

With summertime and warm weather approaching quite quickly, I wanted to look at a few ways to spice up your summer outfits! Here are just a couple of ways you can rock the classic white button-up during the summer months. And don’t forget — this is a classic for both guys and girls! Enjoy the sunshine, the warm weather, and the great fashion choices that … Continue reading Friday Fashion – The Classic Button Up