Happy National Best Friends Day!

I freaking love my friends. My friends are basically my soulmates. They’re the people who make me laugh, the ones who let me cry, the ones who will drop everything to help me, and the ones who support me through every inspiring, impulsive, or downright bad idea. I’ve been so fortunate to have people that I’ve grown up with since I was in elementary school … Continue reading Happy National Best Friends Day!

Thirsty Thursday: The Twisted Tavern

Holiday breaks are for eating too much food and catching up with friends. Over the holiday, I got together with an old friend (I’m talking, friends since 3rd grade old), and we wanted to try something new. She recently moved to the Royal Oak area, so I met her at her house, and we took a trip out to Ferndale. Originally, our plan was to … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: The Twisted Tavern

Thirsty Thursday: Election Cocktails

Okay, so these were technically made for the debates, but I’d say these candidate-inspired cocktails will be great all the way through November 8th. Take a look at the drinks that Liquor.com (I didn’t even know that website existed… shame on me!) and theSkimm chose to represent each candidate, and then have a great time drinking every time one of your old high school classmates … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Election Cocktails