About Bri Car


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Hi everyone, Bri here! I’m a twenty-something living in Metro-Detroit (aka Royal Oak) attempting to share my thoughts and opinions with the Internet-world. I’m a Communication major/Broadcasting minor from Oakland University and a pretty big PR nerd. I enjoy traveling, creating lots of videos, listening to any and all types of music, and all social media. While these are all of my own thoughts, I would love to get yours as well! Leave me comments, opinions, or ideas in any of the comment sections on my page, and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as I can.


So, why Bri Car? Well, I can’t say I was the creator of the title. While in junior high school, a boy that liked me created the name (shortened from my real name — Briana Carlesimo), and although I wasn’t too fond of it, it kind of stuck. Now, about 11 years later, I’ve decided to run with the name and accept that no matter where I go or who I meet, I will always be Bri Car – an awkward little 8th grader just trying to be a good kid and find my way in the world.